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Friday, April 18, 2008

So, who's reading this thing anyway???

I'd love to know who is viewing and reading the blog! Post a comment for me below and let me know if there really is anyone out there :-)

My baby is turning 2!!!

I took Sebastian's 2 year photos the other day. He was so cooperative for me too! I can hardly believe this little guy is going to be 2 this month. He has come so far from the 3lbs 15oz he was at birth. Now he is a walking, talking 21lb boy. He is not a baby any longer. Kinda makes me sad since I know he is my last baby.
He is such a lovable little guy though. He still loves to snuggle and is really good at copying everything his big brothers do..which is good...and bad LOL
You have to click on these first few to see the whole pic...
Just after birth, getting footprinted

Sebastian in the NICU

From his first birthday party

And from this week

My motorcycling music man...




My preppy guy....

in color...

and chocolate...


Sailor man. This outfit was worn by my Gabriel, my oldest son for his 1 yr pics..5 yrs ago!



New Beauty Magazine

A few months back I received the opportunity to meet & photograph a local Doctor who's office has re-set the standards of dermatology in the Panama City area.
A profile of Dr. Jon Ward of Gulf Coast Dermatology was featured in New Beauty magazine for this quarter. The national magazine hit news stands at the end of March.
Be sure to pick up a copy!!!
Thanks to Dr.Ward for a great session & I look forward to working with you in the future!

*CLick the title to view Dr.Ward's New Beauty profile!!!*